Turning ideas into reality, one pledge at a time!

ANDLAYE is a reward-based crowdfunding platform co-founded by ARAYA Venture Lab, Sumuni Creative Solutions and Mela Financials with an aim to tackle the problem of access to finance many Start-ups face in Ethiopia. Crowdfunding allows every individual to participate in the growth of the country’s economy by investing a small amount of money into a promising Start-up. It de-risks the investments and multiplies opportunities. As the Ethiopian saying goes:

“50 ሎሚ ለ 1 ሰው ሸክሙ፣ ለ 50 ሰው ጌጡ ነው”  (i.e Carrying 50 lemons is a heavy-laden for one person but becomes  an ornament when it’s carried by 50 people).

For ARAYA Venture Lab, ANDLAYE is a platform that allows to  crowdsource venture ideas in line with its Vision early in their process.

ANDLAYE will only remain a reward-based crowdfunding platform until we implement the  loan-based model we are currently designing.

Until product-market fit is achieved, ANDLAYE is hosted in Sumuni’s platform (