When human beings are organized in large and formal institutions, hence artificially insulated from individually prompted emotions and anxiety, the tendency is to semi-consciously distort things, particularly past events. This is because when individuals cease to be singularly accountable, responsibility is always watered down and remains at its original and elevated level only amongst those with high level of integrity. Even though authority was first initiated to sustain integrity at the community level, in modern times it has degenerated as a taskmaster of systemic manipulation. That is why weak souls across the planet continue to crave for the power of authority. In centuries past when the role of the individual was visible and significant, be it at the level of the family or beyond, history had to be transmitted honestly and perforce, as the distilled experience was essential for the survival of the collective!
On the other hand modernity, which always had a built-in bias towards systemic manipulation at all levels (family, market, state, international, etc.) keeps on distorting the past to fit the present, so that the gullible sheeple will be goaded to intended (by dominant interests) future destinations, not excluding the usual slaughterhouses. Even here where manipulation is comfortably settled and appears to have been managed well, gross distortion of history can often times forcefully bring issues to the fore via major global disasters. The distortion of events that led to WWI and WWII are cases in point! Today we will not go through the various reasons or pretexts that led the global sheeple to engage in these criminal wars of the banksters (remember the old saying; all wars are bankers wars), rather we will look at distortions that are piled sky high during and after the culmination of the most costly war in human history, WWII!
Immediately after WWII, the global sheeple was very grateful and felt indebted to those who convincingly fought fascism. Appreciation was proportional to sacrifices paid. In Europe, it was the ‘Red Army’ of the USSR that was the undisputed hero of the war. The USA, UK and others members of the Allied Forces came at a distant second. The USSR lost over 20 million people. The US and the UK collectively lost about 2 million. This is history, whether we like it or not. Eighty years later, after the usual indoctrination and manipulation by empire’s relentless propaganda, newer generations were led to believe in a grossly distorted history. The current history of the war (at least in the
West) insinuates; it was the western powers of the Allied Forces that brought down the Hitler fighting machine to its knees and liberated Europe. It is such misleading propaganda supported by the likes of the Hollywood movies that makes history fail in its important mission of teaching and forewarning. No wonder the famous poet once remarked; ‘ the only thing humans learn from history is that they don’t learn from history.’ Wolfgang Goethe!
The current dangerous and very distorted impression of the Russian nation by the sheeple as well as the majority of elites in the dominant Western countries need to be deconstructed for the benefit of all humanity, before some psychopathic idiots make blunders whose consequences they cannot even imagine let alone fully grasp. Russia has always been a power to reckon with and a great one at that with colorful and highly integrative culture encompassing many of the near abroad countries of the former USSR. Comparatively speaking, the US is not only a young nation of mostly European immigrants without much searing experience, save the civil war. Unlike Russia, its neighborhood is not necessarily brimming with diverse cultures, though it can still claim to be a ‘melting pot’ to most of the émigrés. As a young nation, un-tempered and unburdened by history it still radiates an aura of simplicity that is taken by many a diplomat, to be refreshingly naïve. So far all major interactions of violent nature involving the US have taken place outside of its soil. In a way, this is a very serious shortcoming, as it tends to undermine the subtly engrained nationalism of other nations that were internalized, almost invariably, through blood and sweat. The US’s lack of appreciation, when it comes to the variegated history of others, tends to make it a reckless nation with massive destructive power. Only those who have had the agonizing experience of real and punishing wars can appreciate the kind of determination people like the Russians have formed in their psyche. Unfortunately and unlike the delusional armchair warriors of today, this is what the real American heroes had to say about the most brutal war ever conducted by the human animal.

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