EU brings relief to communities affected by the drought

The European Union has provided 11 million Birr in humanitarian funding to assist vulnerable families affected by an ongoing severe drought in Ethiopia. The drought, which is also affecting other countries in the greater Horn of Africa region, is having a severe impact in the north, east and south regions of Ethiopia, especially the Somali and Oromia regions.
Running for six months, from March to August 2022, this project will benefit 50,000 most vulnerable people in Moyale zone in Somali region and in Borena zone in Oromia region. The EU funds will support the Ethiopian Red Cross society in delivering much-needed emergency support to families, especially with basic livelihood assistance allowing families to buy food, and with health and nutrition assistance.
Since the drought has compromised water sources, the Ethiopian Red Cross will also use this funding to procure water storage containers and water treatment tablets for the targeted communities. Additionally, hygiene promotion and health-awareness activities in the affected communities will be carried out, together with the training of volunteers.

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