Purpose Black holds first annual Agri Innovation Conference

Purpose Black Ethiopia holds first annual Agri Innovation Conference. The conference was held at the venue of Purpose Black ETH headquarters in Mexico’s Sengatara on Friday April 8, 2022. Government agencies and stakeholders, including the Ministry of Agriculture, Innovation and Technology attended the event.
The conference which served as network to bring together experts in the field and individuals with sustainable solutions focused on ways to bring about economic change in agriculture through innovation.
Ermias Nasibu, Director of Purpose Black ETH Agriculture Department, said that the purpose of the conference was to develop agriculture with technology and innovation by establishing a center for agricultural communication and technology platform in Ethiopia.
It was mentioned at the forum that the Agri Innovation Conference will be held annually with the participation of governmental and non-governmental stakeholders as well as professionals and individuals who can bring sustainable solutions to the sector.
Purpose Black also plans to establish an agriculture-focused television station. It was stated that the TV station, which focused only on Ethiopia’s first agriculture, is to air in order to raise awareness about agriculture as a key development tool.
It is also said that various arrangements are being made to ensure that the site will be operational soon.
Purpose Black was founded with a goal of helping black farmers to produce globally competitive products and get fair prices for their products, and has also aims to reducing youth unemployment, promoting diaspora investment, selling products at a fair price and stabilizing the consumer market by promotion of export and increase of foreign currency earnings. Furthermore, it is keen on facilitating agricultural technology transfer.
Similarly, last week on April 2, 2022, Purpose Black officially launched an E-Commerce platform. “As part of creating a better market opportunity for farmers and a better quality of life for the community, the firm is now launching a new version of Purpose Black ETH, a new marketing platform to save the struggling section of the society,” said Dr. Fesseha Eshetu, CEO of the company.

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