Gebremedin Haile booted out of Sidama bunna

Sidama Bunna handed Ethiopian premier league former twice champion Gebremdin Haile a shocking boot from the back following the teams third consecutive defeat including the 5-3 by Mekelakeya.
A slow start at the beginning of the new season, Gebremedin managed to build a humble side that swam through the tough times to finish third in the table behind St George and Wolayta Dicha at the end of the first round.
But following the shocking second round performance from which Sidama won only two of its eight consecutive matches, the club handed Gebremedin a marching order after no more than one full year service.
Same 1-0 defeats at the hand of league leaders St George and defending champions Fasil Ketema followed by the hard to believe 5-3 loss to Mekelakeya, Gebremedin left the club unceremoniously handing over the reign to his assistant Wondemagne Teshome.
The only coach to win two premier league titles with Jimma AbaJifar and Mekele Ketema and two knock out trophies with Mekelakeya, Gebremedin was one of the most wandering premier league coaches bossing more than eight teams in15 years.
Though he boasts two premier league titles and two knockout cups a shining armoires for the former St George and Ethiopian national team player turned coach, Gebremedin’s stay at Guna Trade, NegedBank, Ethiopia Medin, Ethiopia Bunna and Dedebit considered failures for he walked out of most of the clubs before his contract expired.

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