Africa must digitalize to achieve the 4th industrial revolution

Africa must develop high computing capacity to achieve the 4th industrial revolution, said Paul Tiyambe Zeleza, Associate Provost and Professor, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio.
The 4th industrial revolution, he noted, is an agenda for everyone as it will transform all sectors from education to technology and health.
Prof Zeleza was the key speaker at this year’s ECA Annual Adebayo Adedeji Lecture session at the 54th Africa’s Conference of Ministers of Finance, Economic Planning and Development (CoM2022) in Dakar, Senegal.
“Africa was marginalized in the previous three industrial revolutions and the continent should ensure it’s not left behind in the fourth industrial revolution,” said Prof Zeleza.
The 2022 Adebayo Adedeji Lecture was held on the theme: “The role of higher education and human capital development in Africa.
“Africa must promote digitalization, rethink capital expenditure, and develop holistic online curriculum system to achieve its economic, digital transformation. We must walk the talk on constructing integrated, inclusive, innovative and sustainable developmental institutions,” said Prof Zeleza.

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