Addis chamber’s new solution based approach

The Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (Addis Chamber) disclosed that it will take new approaches to work with the government for the benefit of the private sector.
The city chamber, the first private association in the country, has also disclosed that it will celebrate its 75th anniversary in different events with primary focus on panel discussions in different economic topics.
The association officials, who met media on Tuesday June, 7 said that taking different approaches to ease challenges on the private sector will be their strategy unlike the past experience.
“Confrontation would not be our strategy,” Shibeshi Bettemariam, Secretary General of Addis Chamber, said, adding, “As a responsible organ we will solve the private sector problems by negotiation and discussion.”
“Service and knowledge leadership will be the strategy of the city chamber to tackle challenges rather than engage on controversy like the past with public offices or representatives,” he added.
Mesenbet Senkute, President of Addis Chamber, said that in related with the anniversary those who worked for the city chamber will be recognized.

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