(International Competitive Bidding)
Invitation For Bids

Procurement No. BrB/ICB/BD/2021/22/41

Berhan Bank S.C. intends to outlay its own funds to payments under the contract for which this Invitation for Bids is issued.
Berhan Bank S.C invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the provision of design and construction services of the Head Office Building in Woreda 07, Lidetta Sub-City Addis Ababa.
The projected Head office of Berhan Bank S.C., located in the Central Business District near Hotel d’Afrique, will consist of over 50,000 m2 of gross office space and other additional amenities. Due to its location in Zone 1 of the current structural plan for Addis Ababa, it will have a height of more than 70 metres above grade.
Bidding will be conducted in accordance with open international tendering procedures and is open to all bidders with the highest Grade or Category for contractor’s and/or architect’s services issued by the Ethiopian Construction Authority, appropriate Regional Bureaus or equivalent foreign national certification bodies.
Bidders will be required to apply to participate in the bid by completing a registration form. Interested bidders may collect the form by approaching the registration desk at the address below 12(a) starting 28 May 2022.
A deposit slip of payment of a non-refundable registration fee of Birr 2,000.00 (Birr Two Thousand) at any Berhan Bank branch shall be presented at the registration desk. The deposit slip shall bear the name of the applying firm and a NARRATIVE reading “Registration fee for Design-Build Bid”.
Completed registration forms shall be emailed to the project address on or before 02 July 2022. Incomplete and non-responsive submissions will be rejected after two instances of advice on the inconsistencies observed. Late submissions will not be accepted.
A complete set of bidding documents will be emailed simultaneously to all registered bidders only, on 04 July 2022.
Bids shall be valid for a period of 120 days after bid opening and must be accompanied by a security in the amount of Birr 20,000,000.00 (Twenty Million Birr), in the form of a CPO or unconditional Bank Guarantee for local firms and equivalent amount in freely convertible currency for foreign firms and counter-guaranteed by reputable local banks in the form of a CPO or unconditional Bank Guarantee in favour of Berhan Bank S.C.
Bids shall be delivered to the address below at 12 (b) at or before 14:00 hours, (2:00 PM), on 17 October 2022. Bids will be opened in the presence of bidders’ representatives who chose to attend at the address below at 12 (c) 14:30 hours, (2:30 PM), on 17 October 2022. Late bids shall be rejected.
Berhan Bank S.C reserves the right to accept any bid, and to reject any or all bids.
The addresses for processing activities regarding the bid are the following:

For registration of bidders: 2nd Floor, WOMSADCO Bldg.
For delivering of Bids: 9th Floor, TK 2 Bldg.
For Bid Opening: 9th Floor, TK 2 Bldg.

TK Building is located opposite Skylight Hotel on Africa Avenue, adjacent to the NOC filling station, and houses Berhan Bank’s current Head Office. WOMSADCO building across the road from Brass Maternity and Childern Medical Center and opposite Celavie Chicken & Burger, approximately 250 meters from TK building, and houses the Facilities Management, HROD and Finance departments.

Berhan Bank S.C.
Addis Ababa
For further information bidders may call:
Ato Yared Aguade: Office Line: 011 650 7465
Cell Phone: 091 162 3907
or send an email to

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