Ethiopian Senbere Teferi World 5KM record ratified

World records of Senbere Teferi over 5km in 14:29 and 30:01 by the late Agnes Tirop over 10km set last year have been ratified.
Just moments after the 10km race in Herzogenaurach, 2015 world 5000m silver medalist Teferi ran away from her opponents after the first kilometer with an incredible solo effort, winning the 5km by 25 seconds in 14:29.
The Ethiopian ran with the pack for the first kilometer, covered just inside three minutes. Then, sensing that the pace wasn’t quite fast enough to challenge the world record set off on her own and covered the second kilometer in 2:49.
By 3km, which she reached in about 8:43, Teferi had an eight-second lead over the chase pack. She continued to forge ahead, passing 4km in 12:07 and then ended with a 2:52 final kilometer to cross the finish line in 14:29, breaking the women-only world record of 14:44 set by Sifan Hassan in Monaco on 17 February 2019.
“I’m so happy,” said the 27 year-old former world record holder Teferi. “After the Olympics, I knew I was ready to go after this world record.”

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