ILO shares experience on SIRAYE Programme

International Labor Organization (ILO) holds a two-day experience sharing workshop under the “SIRAYE Programme” which focuses on advancing decent work and inclusive industrialization in Ethiopia, from June 28-29, 2022 at the Skylight Hotel.
The workshop presented different factories and stakeholders’ experiences on the business case of women in leadership, wage subsidy and building a productivity ecosystem.
SIRAYE programme which has an initial focus on the garment and textile industries, was initiated by ILO in collaboration with tripartite partners who have has developed a comprehensive and coordinated programme to promote decent work and inclusive industrialization in Ethiopia.
The programme works at national, regional and factory levels involving different ILO departments and global programmes to address the key challenges to advance decent work in Ethiopia.
At the national level, under the leadership of the tripartite partners, the programme facilitates dialogue among multiple stakeholders to develop a common vision and strategies to make Ethiopia an African hub of socially responsible production of garment for both global and domestic market. The programme also supports the tripartite constituents in fixing a minimum wage as well as enhances the capacity of government institutions to prevent and resolve labour disputes.
SIRAYE works very closely with government, enterprises, workers, and brands through a robust, sustainable and inclusive compliance assessment and remediation system.
As part of SIRAYE’s service package, ILO supports the strengthening of labour administration in building more effective labour inspection systems.
ILO aims to enhance capacity of the labour inspectorate in strategic compliance planning and implementation.

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