Harar Agro-Technical and Technology College, (ATTC) graduate students

On Saturday, 23rd July, 116 technology students at Harar campus graduated from Harar Agro-Technical and Technology College (ATTC), in the presence of Ambassador Stephan Auer, Harari Regional State President Odrian Bedri and Menschen Für Menschen Country Representative Yilma Taye.
61 students graduated in electric and electronic technology, 24 in automotive technology and 31 students in manufacturing technology, amongst them are 42 women.
So far 3,523 highly skilled and qualified students graduated in total.
The ATTC is a special training center, run by Menschen Für Menschen, that delivers quality technical education.
This center has been an example for German technical best practice, as 70% of the technical teaching comprises practical experience. The ATTC is fully funded by the German government and people.

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