Breakthrough Trading announces readiness to expand activities

Breakthrough Trading S.C. made official that it would double up efforts to intensify the activities it has been carrying out since its establishment in 2019.
Chair of Board of Directors, Netsanet Zenebe, said at an impact sharing event organized at the conference hall of Hotel D’ Leopol that the company would strive hard to meet its mission of building up human potential through knowledge transfer, best practices and positive mind set. The company gives training to young people in the realms of mind programming, habit building team building and leadership. Netsanet, a hypnotherapist by profession said that over 14,000 compatriots received trainings in the classroom, through the internet and by means of DVD.
“Our company is working diligently to create job opportunities for young people so that they can become independent entrepreneurs,” he said. Netsanet further noted that the company “provides the training” on various topics to governmental, non-governmental and private organizations.
Breakthrough Trading S.C also pledged to work together and establish close relations with the South African largest banking group, Standard Bank and Kenyan-based business firm named Job Creation. Representative of Standard Bank who attended the impact sharing event said on the occasion that his financial institution would work with Breakthrough Trading Business Company in the future ahead. Sources indicated that the Standard Bank whose representatives witnessed the activities of Breakthrough Trading Company could provide financial loan amounting hundreds of thousands of USD. This is reportedly used to help give training on personal developments to 1,000 young South Africans.
Breakthrough Trading S.C and the Kenyan-based business firm, Job Creation, shared their experiences to event participants. Netsanet Zenebe said during the occasion that the existing relation between the two companies would create good business opportunities.
At length Netsnaet underscored that the joint efforts of the companies would enable both to bring about better life for the posterity, “We invite all to come together and join forces to build the future generation. We are all responsible to come together and realize our dreams of building the nation.”
Breakthrough Trading S.C seized the opportunity to donate to Abrhot Library 10,000 books estimated at a cost of Birr 20,000.Handing over the books to representative of Abrhot Library, Company Managing Director, Asmera Defa, said that Breakthrough Trading S.C planned to make donation of 10,000 books every year to the library. “We support the initiative taken by the government to promote readings across the country,” he said.
Young people who had been trained by Breakthrough Trading S.C shared their experiences to the event attendants. The young ladies and gentlemen said that they “are now leading a successful life” after establishing their respective income generating businesses following the training they had received from the company.
Breakthrough Trading S.C. is a business entity established by a Genuine Team in 2019 with the vision of building far-sighted, healthy and wealthy generation. Over the last two years the company provided consultancy services to businesses and individuals to help them become more innovative, to enable them to execute their respective businesses with discipline and establish effective collaboration with others. Since its establishment the company has been exerting efforts to help create generations of visionary and positive attitude.
It was made official on the occasion that Genuine Business Group (GBG), the founder of Breakthrough S.C, launched GBG 2024 Projects. GBG is aspiring to establish in 20 years’ time its own multi facility metropolis, which embraces companies, hospitals, training hubs, conference centers, university, real estate, offices, industrial parks, gymnasiums, museum and other similar service rendering facilities.
Breakthrough Trading S.C gives trainings in two branch centers in Addis Ababa.The newly open branch in Adama Town will go operational in the near future. Plan is also under pipeline to open more training centers in Addis Ababa, Hawassa, Bahirdar and other local towns.
Present on the impact sharing event were senior government officials, delegates of Embassies and private business companies, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations, young entrepreneurs, journalists and other invited guests numbering over 1,000.

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