How to bet on Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets is an old bookmaking provider from South Africa that operates mostly for English-speaking countries. The particular focus is Britain and all the culturally close countries, meaning that stuff like cricket, horseracing, and other niches of British entertainment are plentiful here.

It started in 2000, which is respectable enough, but there are older providers. There are many websites from that age, and plenty is big established companies. This one is relatively small. It’s also unique in the way that a bet is processed here. So, let’s discuss a few examples of how to bet on Hollywood.

Is Hollywoodbets legit?

In terms of transparency and goodwill, Hollywood isn’t much worse than most. They won’t actively try to ruin you financially or install malware onto your computer. But there’s no telling if they’ll be careful with your personal data or offer a good user experience here.

They have a blog that offers a lot of tips on how to bet on Hollywood and sports in general. It’s an adequate read that gives you valuable insights. That could boost their trustworthiness in the eyes of some people, but it’s not necessarily a redeeming quality, because blogs are made to attract new users before anything else.

What sports betting does Hollywoodbets offer in their events feed?

Hollywoodbets has an extensive library of casino games and gambling solutions. Sports betting is a popular chapter on their website (possibly the most popular one), but it doesn’t offer that much stuff to bet on. The two main sports they are dealing with are soccer and horseracing.

You can access the newest events directly, and most major events from Britain, South Africa, Ireland, and abroad are shown. This betting site is outstanding for domestic games from these countries, but international competitions are also represented on the roster.

How can I deposit and withdraw on Hollywoodbets?

Before you learn how to bet on Hollywood bets, you need to know a thing or two about funding your account. There are three main ways to get your money on Hollywoodbets South Africa:

Credit card
Bank transfer

The latter is the payment system popular in South Africa, as well as abroad. The other methods are self-explanatory. To withdraw the funds, you’ll have to use one of these solutions, as well. To deposit the money, you need to wait 10-15 minutes (usually), but withdrawing can take longer.

What’s more, there are strict security procedures that force people to submit their personal data, documentation and ID to establish an account here. It’s more or less standard throughout the industry, but the same scrutiny applies to the withdrawing process, which means it can even take weeks to go through.

What are the bonuses on Hollywoodbets?

The main bonus of Hollywoodbets is the free 25 rand (of the equivalent) that you can spend on a free bet for anything offered in the sportsbook. You can simply claim it by creating an account. The other bonuses include a 50 rand bonus for referring the website to your friend, as well as some others.

What are some tips to bet on Hollywoodbets?

The main tips on how to bet online on Hollywood include giving horseracing a chance. Soccer is good and all, but good racing bets are scarcer, and there are plenty to go around on Hollywoodbets. It is a potentially interesting form of entertainment that could make you a fortune. Other than that, the content here is basic.


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