Fasil appointed Hailu Negash while Gebrekristos takes over at Wolikite

Premier league runner-up Fasil Ketema handed a one year contract to Coach Hailu Negash, while Gebrekristos BIrrara is back at the top tier taking over the reign as new head coach of Wolkite Ketema. Gebremedin Haile’s appointment at newly promoted side Ethiopia Meden (Insurance) is still pending despite the club kicking-off its pre-season preparation at Adama.
The long wait for the former assistant coach Hailu came to an end on Monday when “The Emperors” handed him a one-year contract agreement. Ever emotional Hailu who took over the hot seat when Seyoum Kebede sacked in mid-season, had done a tremendous job of leading Fasil to Confederation Cup spot, thus the club signed him in a one-year contract as Head Coach. Muluken Abohay stays as assistant while Temesgen Getu takes over as Fitness Coach.
Head coach Gebrekristatos Birara has also returned into the premier league after two years’ rest. Though Gebrekristos’ stay as premier league coach was so brief with both Debub Police and Wolayta-Dicha two seasons before, he somehow turned up at Wolkite Ketema replacing his former assistant Temesgen Danna, currently head coach to Ethiopia Bunna.
In the meantime back after eight years in the forest Ethiopia Medin has not yet made its Head Coach. Although one of the most wandering Coaches Gebremedin Haile is said to join Medin for his second spell, sources close to the club stated that his contract has not yet been signed for there is disagreement between the club’s board members. According to these sources Gebremedin’s Birr 6 million worth contract and huge salary cap are the key issues for the split of the board members.

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