The prolific Josef Bican

In 2022 Cristiano Ronaldo broke the record of the largest number of goals scored in official football matches. Currently, betting in Kenya is possible on 1xBet website on such amazing goal scorers.

However, the record that now is held by the Portuguese wasn’t possessed by Pelé, Maradona or Messi. In fact, the previous record holder was Josef Bican, who is considered as one of the best players in Austria and Czechoslovakia.

Bican played professionally between 1931 and 1957. During that time, according to the Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation, he scored 805 goals. If friendlies and other non-official matches are also taken into consideration, the number almost reaches 2000. Right now, betting in such great players who never get tired of scoring goals is possible on the great 1xBet Kenya website.

Part of the Austrian Wunderteam

Bican started his career in Rapid Vienna and Admira Vienna. In total, he played in Austria for 6 years, between 1931 and 1937. The Austrian league is also featured at the website, where lots of live wagering opportunities await.

During that time he was called for the Austrian national football team. This squad was known as the Wunderteam, and it is one of the best Austrian teams ever. They reached the semi-finals of the 1934 FIFA World Cup. The 1xBet website features live bets in all the matches of the FIFA World Cup.

Switching allegiances

In 1936 Bican did something that is quite unusual nowadays. He decided to start playing for the Czechoslovakian national football team rather than for the Austrian team. The 1xBet iOS app download and install procedure can be done very easily, and from there, it is possible to bet on Austria, Slovakia and the Czech team.

After changing the national team that Bican wanted to represent, he went to play on numerous other clubs at a domestic level. They include:

Slavia Prague;
Dynamo Prague;
FC Vítkovice;
and TJ Slovan Liberec.

In general, Bican played in the Czechoslovak league between 1937 until his retirement in 1957. During that time, he became the top scorer in the history of Czechoslovakia. In fact, this record hasn’t been broken in the independent Czech and Slovak leagues. During that time, Bican scored 447 goals, which is a staggering number.

Speaking about Bican’s abilities, he was a physically strong player who was capable of shooting with both feet. Also, he had a powerful header and was also a very fast sprinter. In fact, it was measured that he could run 100 meters barely under 11 seconds. This was quite close to what professional athletes could do at the moment. It is possible to download and install the 1xBet app for iOS totally free to start wagering on all great players and squads.


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