Back to “Mechal” the Army side in huge face lifting

The Army side back to its old-age popular name “Mechal ” is busy in the transfer market, overhauling its squad under newly appointed Head Coach Fasil Tekalegn. Though Fasil’s track record as EPL coach shows walking out before end of season both at Baherdar and Adama, he appears to have a free hand in players’ transfer window thus nearly a dozen new faces joining the ranks.
Ethiopian national team attacking midfielder Kenan Markneh and former national team defensive midfielder Tesfaye Alebachew are the two biggest fishes in Fasil’s hunt. Kenaan left champions St George due to some disagreement on his contract extension while Tesfaye the giant tackler who played for number of clubs including St George left Hossana following his contract termination.
The winger Bereket Desta and left full back Amsalu Tilahun left former champions Fasil Ketema to sign a two year contract with Mechal. The giant central defender from Adama Tomas Semeretu from Adama, two defenders from Baherdar Ahemed Reshid and Menyelu Wondemu, Fitsum Alemu from relegated side Addis Ababa, goalkeeper and Dagem Tefera from Hawasa are part and parcel of the New Face Mechal. Left winger Samuel Saliso also joined the side for his third spell. Former Sidama Bunna goal keeper Teklemariam Shanko is the latest to join Mechal in a one year contract.
Issued the tough task of bringing one of the oldest yet much decorated Mechal out of obscurity, Fasil started-off his signing many players he worked with at Baherdar and Adama. The welcome addition of defensive midfielder Tesfaye Alebachew and the versatility of Kenaan Markneh is a massive boost for Mechal and both will have pivotal parts to play in the club’s big future.
One of the highest spenders in the transfer market and back to its old yet popular name “Mechal” the Army side is expected to be the real face of the Army it represents.

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