Wubetu Abate handed two years contract extension

Even before the start of the 2023 African Cup of Nations, Ethiopian national soccer team Head Coach Wubetu Abate has proven enough to earn a two-year contract extension to remain in the national hot seat through 2024.
Steering Waliya-Ibex back in to the Nations Cup final after eight years followed by yet another surprise of helping the side into CHAN Cup final after six years and the miraculous 2-0 victory over Egypt (the first win in 33 years), the Ethiopian Football Federation handed Webetu a two year contract extension making him the recent time first ever national boss to stay on course for consecutive four years.
Webetu joined the national squad in 2020 after previously managing popular side Ethiopia Bunna, Fasil Ketema and Sebeta Ketema. He made a name when helping Bunna to its first and last ever Ethiopian Premier League title in the past six years.
Of course, the real challenge starts in January where he will try to help Waliya-Ibex a deep run at the 33rd African Cup of nations final. Ethiopia is drawn into a tricky group (A) with hosts Cameroon, Burkina Faso and group black sheep Cape Verde.
However many Football fans believe Wubetu’s achievement brought about a huge inspiration in the country’s football. A hard to believe 2-0 victory over Egypt and introducing young talents the likes of Abubaker Naser currently with South African giant Sundown, Wubetu’s best is believed to come yet.

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