Environmentally friendly soil-enhancing product

Deputy Chief of Mission of the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa Fiona Evans joined the Special Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture, Sileshi Getahun, and Girma Abera from the Agricultural Transformation Agency to launch Apex-10, an American-made environmentally friendly and soil-enhancing product, approved for commercial use in Ethiopia, which significantly reduces fertilizer consumption and improves water retention.
The American company JSH International and Jigra Chemicals of Ethiopia partnered to bring the organic fertilizer booster Apex-10 to the Ethiopian market. The launch follows the signing of an agreement between the two companies in September 2021, allowing the Ethiopian company to have the exclusive right to distribute and sell JSH International’s innovative product, Apex-10, in Ethiopia.
Speaking at the launch event, DCM Evans expressed her optimism that the initiative will bring significant benefits to Ethiopian smallholder farmers, commercial farmers, and the entire nation. She reiterated the U.S. commitment to fostering such linkages, which protect Ethiopian food security.
Apex-10 has been tested and used across Africa and the world and has been proven to reduce the need for fertilizer and water, while improving yields. This is especially important in the face of regional droughts, changing climates, and supply chain disruptions affecting the availability of both food and fertilizer.

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