Abrak Art Center

Abrak Art Center was inaugurated on November 12, 2022. The painters that present their work have served as teachers for several years and in turn have produced many young painters, who have graduated from the 2nd to 13th round since the establishment of the art school and have given their consent to participate in the workshop. They are veteran painters who have left their mark on young painters.
Abdurrahman Mohamed Sherif, Worku Goshu, Zeryihun Yetmigeta, Lauret Desta Hagos, Tulu Guya, Tibebe Terfa, Leulseged Reta, who have left their mark on the development of art in the country in one way or another, and who have not been separated from paint, brush and canvas, regardless of age presented their work in this gallery. They present their works for exhibition and each artist individually presents 4 to 5 works of art with a total of 34 works.

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