Arjen Robben – the best player of the 2012/2013 Champions League final

Arjen Robben is one of the best players of the 2010s. The stellar years of his career were spent with “Bayern” Munich. By the way, 1xBet Ethiopia offers not only to watch the confrontations with the participation of this club, but also to earn money on each match with this club.

Robben won a lot of titles with “Bayern” Munich. However, the most important among them is certainly the victory in the Champions League in the season 2012/2013. By that time, Arjen had already lost the Champions League final with the Munich club twice. And it was often his mistakes that led “Bayern” to lose the trophy.

However, in 2013, Robben managed to reverse an unfortunate trend for himself. Together with “Bayern”, he managed to beat “Borussia Dortmund” 2-1. And it was Robben who scored the decisive goal. It happened in the 89th minute, right in the closing minutes of the game. As a result, Arjen brought the title to his club.

Users from Ethiopia can now follow Champions League matches on 1xBet. All the matches of the tournament are covered here. Robben still managed to win it, so he wrote his name in the history of the competition.

The most important thing is that the bright and productive play of the midfielder led to his being recognized as the best player of the final match. This is a clear demonstration of how much Arjen contributed to the final victory of his team.

Strong qualities of the midfielder

Robben has been one of Bayern’s leaders for many years. This is no coincidence. Arjen’s confident play allowed his team to win a lot of trophies. By the way, open 1xBet mobile site to not only follow the current confrontations involving this team, but also earn on them.

So, if we talk about Robben’s strong qualities, it is impossible to pass by:

A strong set-up shot. Arjen’s “shots” were powerful and accurate. It was difficult for any goalkeeper to cope with them. He was able to demonstrate his accuracy in the final game of 2013.
Good technique. Thanks to his dribbling, Robben could pass almost any opponent and reach the optimal position for the shot. This allowed him to hit from a comfortable distance.
The ability to make quick decisions on the field. At times, Arjen had just one movement to develop the attack of his team and create a moment for his teammates.

His teammates and coaching staff valued him for this. In the decisive game in 2013, the Dutchman was able to demonstrate all his strong qualities, which eventually brought the trophy to his team.

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