Tele partners with GETFACTet to empower the young generation

Ethio telecom signs a partnership agreement with the American based GETFACT Ethiopia (GETFACTet) to jointly undertake the Brighter Generation program which will provide various trainings to students of high schools so as to help them develop their skills by utilizing digital learning centers.
The partnership agreement made by the duo is said to play a crucial role in creating strong partnership and cooperation schemes in working together to enhance and meet mutual interests and objectives of the digital centers. The collaboration will foster technology transfer through the involvement of professional diaspora and Ethiopians living in various parts of the world.
In line with this partnership agreement, GETFACTet will provide various short term and dynamic trainings on communication, language, critical thinking, leadership and computer programming by coordinating Ethiopian diasporas living in different parts of the world so as by supporting the Ethiopia’s educational enrichment initiatives thereby producing loyal and competent citizens who would love and serve their country.
Ethio Telecom, on its part expressed that it will provide the required professional and technological supports that help properly provide the training virtually and in person as needed through the digital learning centers it has already established earlier.
In line with the agreement, in the time ahead the two parties will work in collaboration to fulfill the required inputs for the digital learning centers, to provide power supply options and other necessary materials.
GETFACTet Ethiopia is an organization established by Ethiopians and Diasporas living abroad with a view to promoting the good image of Ethiopia and to amend the foreign media’s negative perceptions about Ethiopia across the world by providing a right information.

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