Ethiopia’s logistics leadership shifts gear

The state owned logistics giant, Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics (ESL) receives a new face at the helm of logistics as long serving guru, Roba Megersa gets replaced.
Roba who took the CEO docket early May 2017 served ESL for close to six years making him the long serving head of the enterprise which was formed in 2011 following the amalgamation of four state owned logistics enterprises including Ethiopian Shipping Lines, Comet Transport, and Inland transport operators.
Prior to his appointment to the role, the seasoned logistician was part of the founding staff and Deputy Director General of the Ethiopian Maritime Authority (EMA).
The information that Capital obtained from ESL indicated that Berisso Amalo will now take over the wheel of leadership to steer the sole cross continent vessel operator in Africa.
Unlike his predecessor, Berisso is described by sector experts as a fresh face to the industry, but Capital’s efforts to reach out to the successor were unfruitful.
Roba, a lawyer by profession, is one of the few Ethiopians who graduated from the International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) of the International Maritime Organization, a UN agency, on International Maritime Law and International Trade Law.
Since the formation of ESL, which recently rebranded from the former Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise, only two CEOs have led the firm. The founding CEO was Ahmed Tusa, who served ESL for five years up until 2016 when Roba took over.
Those who closely follow the enterprise and the sector in general told Capital that during his reign, Roba led the state logistics enterprise with a strategic professional excellence and expanded the capacity of the business entity even at the height of COVID 19 which paralyzed the sector globally.
In related news, Yehualaeshet Jemere, Director General of EMA, who served the logistics authority for a little over one year, has been replaced by Abdulber Shemsu.
Yehualaeshet, who led the regulatory body starting from January 2022, also had vast experience in the logistics sector. Prior to his role at EMA, Yehualaeshet served as the State Minister of Transport and Logistics (MoTL).
When he was State Minister at MoTL Yehualaeshet was responsible for the follow up of activities of the EMA and Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority.
Yehualshet, who is a civil engineer by profession, has also served as Deputy CEO and Rail Network Division Head at Ethiopian Railways Corporation.
He was the second Director General of EMA which was established in 2007 and at the time filled the vacant position that was left by the founding head and maritime sector guru, Mekonnen Abera.
His successor, Abdulber, like his predecessor, is not new to the logistics sector.

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