Dawit Dereje

Name: Dawit Dereje

Education: Diploma in wood work

Company name: Easek Decor and Event Organizer

Title: Owner and General Manager

Founded in: 2020

What it do: St. George Church, Piassa

Hq: Decor service and managing events

Number of Employees: 36

Startup capital: Two million birr

Current Capital: Growing

Reason for starting the Business: To change myself financially

Biggest perk of ownership: Happiness and serving others

Biggest strength: Punctuality

Biggest challenge: Inflation

Plan: To make artificial flowers

First career: Wood Worker

Most interested in meeting: Ambassador Fitsum Arega

Most admired person: Dj Dani Comoros, founder of Deva Decor

Stress reducer: Reading books

Favorite past time: Working and reading

Favorite book: Eyarico 666 or 777 Abiy Yilma

Favorite destination: Hawassa

Favorite automobile: Hyundai, Tucson

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