Football-Ethiopia: 6 wins in 35 matches is a big concern

The performances of the Walia are not reassuring in the country. Almost eliminated for the next Africa Cup of Nations Ivory Coast 2023, Ethiopia is going through a delicate instability within its staff undermined by injuries.
Ethiopia’s participation in the 2023 AFCON is hanging by a thread. The Walia have experienced a dull 3rd and 4th days of qualification in March. Beaten twice by Guinea (2-0, 2-3), Ethiopia will have two decisive matches to negotiate in June against Malawi and Egypt in September.
In the meantime, the performance of the Walia in the month of March has attracted much criticism in Ethiopia. Especially the lackluster performance against Guinea in the third match of the group. Currently bottom of its group D with 3 points, Ethiopia can even say goodbye to the Ivorian appointment. And for good reason, Egypt and Guinea are far ahead with 9 points each.
“We didn’t win either game as we wanted against Guinea. We didn’t do well at all, especially in the first game. In the second game, we were able to do better. Now we have a very small chance,” said coach Wubetu Abatu in the local press. However, the coach knows that the mission will be almost impossible.
The Walia of Ethiopia are closer to a logical elimination than a miracle of qualification. Especially since Wubetu admits that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find players consistent in performance. Prior to their outings last month, Ethiopia lost 11 of their best players to injury. “We have gone through different stages since the moment we took over the team,” the national coach noted.
Wubetu has coached 35 matches, including 10 friendlies with Ethiopia. But the Walia have won only six games. A very unflattering record that raises great concern in the country.

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