Antonio Conte’s Unsuccessful Job at Tottenham

In March 2023, Antonio Conte resigned as head coach of Tottenham, having failed to make significant progress with the team. At the helm of “The Spurs”, the Italian was just over a year. By the way, the 1xBet login registration – is the first step to start earning on the confrontations with the participation of this club.

So, the season 2022/2023 was ambiguous for Tottenham under Conte. On the one hand, the team struggled to qualify for the Champions League and had a good chance of reaching the top 4. It is consistent with the ambitions of the club. But, on the other hand, with the Conte, Spurs got out of the Cup tournaments early enough and failed to show their best side in the Champions League. Naturally, this is not what fans and management expected when they appointed the Italian specialist.

However, the main problem was the coach’s conflict with the management. Conte was dissatisfied with the team’s transfer policy and regularly expressed it publicly. In the end, it became clear that Antonio, with such an approach, would not stay at the club for long.

After the deterioration of the team’s results, he was dismissed. And if you follow Tottenham even now, pass the registration in 1xBet, deposit your balance, make your login, and start playing. You can make money on every match involving this club.

Reasons for the dismissal of the Italian specialist

At the end of his employment at Tottenham, Conte was not opposed to leaving his position as coach. Therefore, Antonio came into open conflict with the management. It had an impact on the team’s results. By the way, at the company 1xBet in Ethiopia, you can follow its current successes and bet on every confrontation. Other reasons for the failure of the Italian should be highlighted:

Lack of suitable transfers for him. Conte was dissatisfied with the club’s performance in signing new players. Due to the fact that he could not entirely rely on the players he needed, the coach could not make significant progress with the team in terms of results.
Conflict with some of the team leaders. For example, Conte did not have the best relationship with Richarlison. Naturally, the other players saw it all. It had a negative impact on the psychological atmosphere of the team.
Loss of motivation. Antonio quickly realized that he would not be able to fight for the title with this team. He didn’t have enough motivation for anything else. As a result, he stopped giving his all to his work.

Conte’s dismissal turned out to be logical and legitimate. And if “Tottenham” is interesting to you even today, then go to a proven platform. In 1xBet Ethiopia, optimal conditions are created for customers. Every team match is covered here, allowing you to earn on any of its encounters.


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