Consulting Firm for Collecting Historical Documentation and Visual Materials for Ethiopia’s 100th Anniversary as a Member of the ILO


The International Labour Organization (ILO) Country Office Addis Ababa in partnership with the Government of Ethiopia and the tripartite partners is preparing to celebrate Ethiopia’s 100th anniversary as a member of the ILO under the theme: ‘‘Advancing social justice through the promotion of social dialogue and enhanced productivity’’. Ethiopia joined the International Labour Organization (ILO) on September 28, 1923, making it one of the early African countries to become a member of the organization. Ethiopia’s membership in the ILO reflects the country’s commitment to promoting social justice, decent work, and inclusive development both within the country and at the global level. The membership provides Ethiopia with a platform to actively engage in shaping labour-related policies and initiatives and contribute to the broader goal of creating a fair and sustainable world of work.

As part of the commemoration, the ILO seeks to collect comprehensive historical documentation and visual materials that highlight its work and contributions to Ethiopia over the past century. These materials will be used to showcase the organizations and tripartite achievements and impact, promote awareness, and preserve the historical legacy.


The main objective of this consultancy is to gather a diverse range of historical documents, publications, and visual materials that represent the ILO’s work in Ethiopia since its establishment. The consultant will be responsible for conducting thorough research, visiting relevant institutions, and liaising with stakeholders to collect relevant documentation and materials. The collected documents and visuals will be curated and organised to create a comprehensive archive that captures the ILO and the tripartites’ journey and impact in Ethiopia.

Scope of Work:

The consultant’s responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

Conducting extensive research to identify relevant publications, reports, articles, case studies, and other written and visual (video and audio) materials that highlight the ILO’s work in Ethiopia.
Visiting various institutions, including Ministries (Ministry of Labour and Skills, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Women and Social Affairs, Ministry of Industry etc.), libraries, archives, and research centres, to access and gather historical documents related to the ILO’s initiatives, programmes, and collaborations in Ethiopia.
Engaging with key stakeholders, such as ILO staff, government officials, stakeholders, and other relevant individuals, to obtain valuable insights, personal accounts, and additional resources related to the ILO’s work.
Collecting a minimum of 100 high-quality photographs with a captions from different sources that visually depict the ILO’s activities, events, projects, and partnerships in Ethiopia.
Organising and categorising the collected materials in a systematic manner, ensuring proper documentation and preservation of the historical records.
Providing regular progress reports to the ILO focal point, highlighting the materials collected, challenges faced, and proposed strategies for enhancing the collection process.
Sorting and arranging the collected documents in chronological order to produce a book for publication that has 100 pages to signify the centenary. Additionally, the documents will be prepared in a PDF format for digital distribution.


The consulting Firm is expected to deliver the following:

A comprehensive inventory of collected publications, reports, articles, case studies, and other written materials related to the ILO’s work in Ethiopia. Either picture or a copy (both digital and hard copy). The ILO will provide a supporting letter for the effort.
A curated selection of 100 high-quality photographs with their captions representing the ILO’s activities, projects, and partnerships in Ethiopia.
A well-organised archive of collected materials, including proper documentation and metadata.
A bi-monthly (twice a month) progress report and meeting, either in person or virtually detailing the activities undertaken, challenges encountered, and proposed strategies for improving the collection process.
A 15-20 minute well edited video that encompasses historical videos, meetings, and interviews (staff, ministers, partners, etc).
Deliver 100 years 100 stories book that incorporates conventions, letters, outcome documents, TORs, discussion minutes, success stories etc., (after collecting the documents and in a chronological manner).


The ideal consultant should possess the following qualifications:

The firm should have a minimum of 5 – 10 years of experience in research, documentation projects, archival work, data collection or related fields. The company should be familiar with conducting comprehensive studies and have a strong background in historical research.
The firm should possess the required business license that is necessary and relevant to the project. It is essential for them to meet all the necessary legal requirements in order to be considered for the engagement.
Strong knowledge of Ethiopia’s history, the ILO and tripartite, labour market, and social development context.
The team participating in this work must have an excellent communication and interpersonal skills to engage with stakeholders and collect relevant information.
Proficiency in organising and categorising large volumes of documents and visual materials.
Attention to detail and the ability to work independently, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the collected materials.


The consultancy is expected to commence on 24 July 2023 and be completed within 1 month and 20 days, with a final report and deliverables submitted by 12 September 2023.

Interested consultancy companies are requested to submit a detailed proposal outlining their approach, methodology, and relevant experience, along with a financial proposal indicating the consultancy fee and any additional costs.


Under the overall supervision and guidance of the Project Manager, the firm will directly work with the Technical Working Group (TWG) focal points of the centenary celebration project. The Technical Working Group focal will provide specific guidance and ILO branding guidelines for the firm to ensure organizational branding.

Payment Term:

The payment for this consultancy work will be 100% up on submission of all deliverables.

Evaluation criteria:

How to apply:

Interested firms are invited to submit their application, which includes technical and financial proposal, as per the below instructions:

The technical proposal, not more than 15 pages should be prepared in accordance with this TOR and the request for the quotation:

Team/ firm profile listing and other relevant tasks already completed, technical certifications of the firm/ team demonstrating the relevant experiences and competencies
A list of the team members who will work on the assignment including their roles and responsibility, gender profile, and CV(s) of the key personnel demonstrating competence and qualifications in areas relevant to the TOR should be attached.
Tentative methodologies and work plan with timeline should be presented.
Portfolio and examples of similar projects recently completed by the firm should be shared
Recommendations/references from previous clients for whom similar work has been conducted should be attached

A separate financial proposal should also be provided.

Application should be submitted no later than 19 July 2023 to

Note: The collected materials will remain the property of the ILO, and appropriate measures should be taken to ensure the confidentiality, security, and preservation of the collected documents and visuals.

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