Revolutions, mass uprisings, insurrections, etc., particularly of the considered types, almost always ensue as a result of failure on the part of the reigning political leadership. The generalized turmoil that intensified in Ethiopia during the last two years is one such example. The Ethiopian political leadership, (i.e., the one still in play) was completely self-absorbed to see disruptive tendencies taking shape on the ground. Gross maladministration became the order of the day; from the delivery of injustices to the delivery of services. The leadership’s leading political analyses were biased, even blinded, by the superficial and feeble achievements registered in certain sectors of our society. TPTB’s (the power that be) very simplistic and mistaken conception of Ethiopian history/reality resulted in misdiagnosing the country’s age old protracted problems!

Imbecilic self-congratulatory disposition dominated and overwhelmed the ruling entity and their minions. Dominant interests operating at the global level (oligarchs, transnational monopoly capital, etc.,) who are always ready to pounce on the vulnerable, energetically supported the visible degeneration of the ruling party. These entities probably assumed the mal-governance taking place across the country would be helpful to their long-term agenda. The party’s official culture, as flaunted by its degenerate goons, was unbecoming of any revolutionary movement! The unsuspecting sheeple was pressed, directly/indirectly, to accept corruption as the way of life. Numerous party operatives were directly/indirectly involved in the scheme to disfranchise those who were not willing to go along with their foolhardy ways. Parasitic elements were handpicked to facilitate massive embezzlements. ‘Rent seekers’, despite the rhetoric, were celebrated, rather than penalized for their deeds! Obviously, the sheeple realized the whole scheme of publicly condemning rent seekers while secretly condoning their activities was a farce orchestrated by the ‘Mafiosi State’ behind the formal state!

Constructive criticisms intended to rectify the visible degeneration of the ruling elites, not only the politicos, were construed as useless proposition, especially if suggested by outsiders. The ongoing ‘economic development’ that is uncritically celebrated by the country’s largely uninformed population was used to justify generalized decadence. Ethiopia’s ‘Royalties of Corruption’ were visibly facilitated to take over lucrative enterprises, in one form or another, despite plenty of evidence showing massive foul play. In short, the state and the government was captured by the well-organized ‘Mafiosi State’, clandestinely operating behind the scene! Yet again, despite outcries from the general public, the ruling entity chose not only to ignore the sheeple’s grievances but also doubled down on its support to corrupt cronies, determined to derail whatever little good governance that remained in the country. Whether we like it or not, injustice is already recognized, by many, as one of the defining characteristic of the administration of this once revolutionary party! As a result of such gross maladministration and more, the country finds itself in a very precarious situation. Political stability, economic progress, social harmony, etc. are now all in jeopardy!

Even though cronyism is a blinding disease, the ruling party somehow decided not to see it that way. The leadership intentionally preferred very distorted lens to look at the reality of Ethiopia. To those who wanted to remain independent, both in thought and actions, the country became a place of servitude, under feudal-like regime full of mediocrity, buffoonery and widespread corruption. Forget about privileges, even basic rights were denied to those considered second-class citizens, which were almost everybody not connected to the goons of the ‘Mafiosi State’. Some time back all hell broke loose and the sheeple decided to take matters in its own hands. Disruption started to take place all over, without warning and seemingly without organized leadership. These moves, on their own, illuminate the depth of dissatisfaction harbored by the people against the degenerate governing elites and their minions. Henceforth, the sheeple emphatically started to set the agenda for the country; ranging from peaceful disobedience to outright rebellion. It became very clear the ruling party was asleep on the wheels, so to speak. As it stands, the ruling party is trying to play catch up with the agenda put forward by the Ethiopian sheeple. Now who are the leaders and who are the followers?

Vacuous elitism only leads to detachment and corruption. Principles deprived relation overwhelmed the country’s administration, and de facto became the modus operandi of the state. It seems the party itself has finally admitted the existence of what we have been calling the ‘Mafiosi state.’ The rhetoric might be in the right direction but unless tangible changes are observed on the ground, there will hardly be any respite! If the ruling entity is not willing or capable of rectifying the problems already highlighted by the Ethiopian sheeple, the next move will be very clear. People will naturally demand the removal of the status quo by hook or a crook! The ruling elites must genuinely grasp the prevailing sentiment of the large majority of the Ethiopian people. There is no denying that the ruling party’s credibility and image is seriously damaged, thanks to its degenerate Mafiosi that has derailed the direction of the once revolutionary front. Instead of appreciating hard and honest work, justice, prudence, decency, etc. the party became facilitator of embezzlement and injustice. The ruling party has a long way to go before it regains some of its legitimacy back. If genuine political space is going to open up, the challenges to the ruling party is bound to be formidable, as it has betrayed the trust and confidence of the large majority of its constituency!

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