EIMA 2024: Fostering Italian-Ethiopian Cooperation in Agricultural Mechanics

By our staff reporter

The 46th edition of the prestigious EIMA International, the world exhibition of agricultural mechanics, was officially presented during a press conference in Addis Ababa, marking a significant milestone in the partnership between Italy and Ethiopia in the agricultural sector. Led by Riccardo Zucconi, director of the ICE office, and Fabio Ricci, deputy director of FederUnacoma, the conference highlighted Italy’s pivotal role as Ethiopia’s second-largest supplier of agricultural machinery and the potential for further collaboration in enhancing Ethiopia’s agricultural productivity and sustainability.

Zucconi emphasized the critical need for mechanization in Ethiopian agriculture, stressing the importance of developing local enterprises to increase productivity and achieve food self-sufficiency. He underscored Italy’s commitment to supporting Ethiopia in this endeavor, citing the significant contribution of Italian industries to the country’s agricultural development.

Ricci provided insights into the current landscape of Italian exports to Ethiopia in the agricultural machinery sector, highlighting Italy’s market share and the value of exports in recent years. Despite a projected decline in sector exports for 2023, Ricci expressed optimism about the potential for growth in bilateral trade between Italy and Ethiopia in the coming years.

Against this backdrop, the upcoming edition of EIMA International, scheduled to take place in Bologna from 6 to 10 November, emerges as a crucial platform for fostering Italian-Ethiopian cooperation in the agro-mechanical sector. With over 50,000 models of machines, equipment, and components on display across 14 sectors and five thematic showcases, the exhibition offers Ethiopian buyers access to cutting-edge solutions for various agricultural activities, including seeding, plant protection, and harvesting.

Of particular interest to Ethiopia’s agricultural economy is the Idrotech showcase, featuring innovative irrigation technologies aimed at optimizing water resources and promoting sustainable farming practices. In addition to farmers and operators, an official delegation from Ethiopia, facilitated by the ICE Agency, is expected to attend EIMA International, further facilitating networking and collaboration opportunities between Italian and Ethiopian stakeholders.

Zucconi highlighted the pivotal role of the ICE Agency in promoting international cooperation through events like EIMA International, underscoring its support for Italian companies and its efforts to showcase the excellence of Italy’s agricultural mechanization sector on the global stage.

Beyond its exhibition of cutting-edge technologies, EIMA International offers a diverse program of meetings and dynamic tests, including demonstrations of machinery for bioenergy supply chains and trials of gardening and landscaping machines. One of the most anticipated features of the upcoming edition is the REAL space, dedicated to showcasing robots, drones, and other highly automated systems aimed at enhancing production yields and sustainability in agriculture.

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