Dalberg awarded 5-year contract to strengthen United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) work with the private sector

Dalberg Advisors (https://Dalberg.com/) has announced the award of the Private Sector Engagement Strategic Collaboration and Leading- Edge Engagement (“PSE SCALE”) program, a framework agreement of advisory services that will support the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID: https://www.USAID.gov/) to engage the private sector to achieve development and humanitarian outcomes. Through the five-year, $99.1-million contract, Dalberg and its partners will support USAID to accelerate private sector partnerships around the world and transform the Agency’s capacity to work with the private sector.

PSE SCALE is an extension of over 20 years of efforts by USAID to increasingly partner and invest with the private sector to achieve the Agency’s development and humanitarian goals. It represents the flagship mechanism to upgrade USAID’s capacity to work with the private sector and will provide a range of technical and advisory services to USAID Missions and operating units seeking to expand or accelerate private sector engagement.

In Africa, USAID’s long track record of partnership with the private sector will be strengthened with companies seeking to drive growth and innovation in new markets, reduce risk, and advance sustainability goals. Partnerships are essential for achieving USAID’s goals related to improving health outcomes, addressing climate change and driving resilience, advancing gender equity, and many others in Africa and beyond.

Dalberg and a consortium of partners—60 Decibels (https://60Decibels.com/), CrossBoundary (https://CrossBoundary.com/), Vera Solutions (https://VeraSolutions.org/), and Social Solutions International (https://www.SocialSolutions.biz/)—will provide a comprehensive and integrated suite of services that are delivered on-demand and in response to needs and opportunities in any operating unit across USAID. The team collectively brings decades of experience in serving clients globally across the public and private sectors on a wide range of sustainable development issues.

“The Dalberg team in Africa looks forward to supporting USAID teams from across the continent to better engage the private sector in pursuing the impact that so many of us are working towards.  We are eager to mobilize our 100+ colleagues on the continent around this effort,” said Lillian Kidane, Dalberg’s Regional Director for Africa.

“Dalberg is thrilled to be supporting USAID in deepening its collaboration with the private sector. Our experience and local networks across markets in Africa, Asia, and Latin America makes Dalberg a natural partner for USAID,” said Gaurav Gupta, Dalberg’s Global Managing Partner. “And with over 1,100 clients across the public and private sectors, we have a long track record of designing successful cross-sector partnerships that help all parties to advance their goals.”

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For media inquiries, contact Karishma Kram at karishma.kram@dalberg.com.

About Dalberg Advisors:
Dalberg Advisors is a strategic advisory firm that combines private sector strategy skills and analytical capabilities with deep knowledge and networks across emerging and frontier markets. Dalberg works actively across the public, private, and philanthropic sectors to help clients achieve their goals, and has over 500 employees across 25 locations in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Europe, and the U.S. Dalberg Advisors is part of the Dalberg Group, which comprises a collection of mission-driven enterprises—Dalberg Advisors, Dalberg Data Insights, Dalberg Design, Dalberg Media, Dalberg Implement, Dalberg Research—and the not-for-profit, Dalberg Catalyst.

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