Vihiga County Launches United Nations Security Council resolution (UNSCR) 1325 Action Plan for Women, Peace and Security

Vihiga County took a significant step towards gender equality and peace by launching the UNSCR 1325 Action Plan in December 2023, at the Majengo Law Courts. The Action Plan aims to enhance the inclusion of women in peace and security structures within the county, emphasizing the crucial role women play in decision-making processes for societal progress.

During the launch event, Hon. Lady Justice Jackie Kamau, Judge of the High Court of Kenya, stressed the collective responsibility of Vihiga County and stakeholders in ensuring the successful finalization of the Action Plan. “The active engagement of civil society organizations in drafting the plan signifies a collaborative effort towards promoting women’s participation in decision-making processes and fostering peace in the county,” said Justice Kamau.

The plan outlines targeted actions across five key pillars—prevention, protection, participation, relief, and recovery—with the goal of promoting gender equality and empowering women in the county. With implementation set to begin in 2024, the launch of Vihiga’s Action Plan marks an important milestone. “Vihiga residents have a reason to feel hopeful about the county’s commitment to driving meaningful progress on these critical issues affecting women,” said Dan Bazira, UN Women Kenya Deputy Representative.

Supported by the government of Ireland, UN Women Kenya has been working with the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) through the Wadada Wa Pawa initiative, which trained women in decision-making and empowered them to participate in drafting the Action Plan. “By strengthening women’s leadership and participation, the Action Plan gained valuable insights and support to address issues such as violence against women and girls,” Mr. Bazira added.

The launch of the Vihiga County UNSCR 1325 Action Plan marks a significant milestone in advancing gender equality, empowering women, and strengthening peace and security efforts within the county. By prioritizing the inclusion of women in governance and peacebuilding, Vihiga County sets a positive example for sustainable development and harmony.

“To foster broad understanding and support, the plan needs to be translated into local languages. This important step will allow community members to comprehend, adopt and implement the strategies outlined,” said Mr. Arthur Lisimba, Vihiga County Director for Gender. 

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of UN Women – Africa.

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