Eritrea: Petrified Tree Discovered in Adi-Kinzinab

Dr. Tsegai Medin, head of Research and Ancient Heritage at the Commission of Culture and Sports, announced the discovery of a petrified tree in Adi-Kinzinab, located in the Adi-Quala sub-zone. Dr. Tsegai highlighted that this discovery is part of broader ecosystem findings across the country and might provide evidence of the migration of large mammals that occurred 27 million years ago, prior to the formation of the Red Sea.

Dr. Tsegai further explained that this new find could be contemporary with the remains of the elephant family discovered at Kuda-Felasi in 2008, which offers insights into the area’s ancient environmental structure. He added that further research on the petrified tree will be conducted in cooperation with various partners, and an official report will be released in due time.

Mr. Teklit Gebrezgiabier, Head of Culture and Sports in the Southern Region, urged relevant institutions to protect this significant site as it might contain other valuable ancient remains.

In related news, ancient ceramics, metal ornaments, and what appear to be human bones have been unearthed at Egri-Mekel, where a new dam is currently under construction.

Adi-Kinzinab is situated 8 kilometers east of Adi-Quala, and Egri-Mekel is 5 kilometers south of Mendefera.

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