Eritrea: Assessment Meetings on Progress of Agricultural Activities

The Ministry of Agriculture conducted an assessment meeting to evaluate activities focused on the first quarter and the five-year strategic plan. The event was held in Mendefera, in the Southern region, with the participation of over 129 individuals, including sub-zonal administrators and agricultural experts.

During the meeting, presentations were made on the key components of the five-year strategic plan, covering areas such as land development and natural resources management, crop and livestock development, integrated and sustainable agro-business, and human resources development.

Heads from the Ministry of Agriculture branches also reported on various initiatives, including water and soil conservation, the construction of dams and micro-dams, and the development of vegetables, fruits, livestock health, and crop seeds. Additional topics included agricultural inspection and the conservation and development of forestry and wildlife.

The participants engaged in extensive discussions on the reports and adopted various recommendations. These included prioritizing productivity development, emphasizing community-based water and soil conservation, promoting the use of sweet potatoes for both human and animal consumption, ensuring diligent follow-up on the productivity of agricultural experts at the village level, developing organic pesticide production, encouraging exemplary farmers, introducing solar-powered irrigation systems, and ensuring the supply of improved crop seeds to farmers.

Mr. Arefaine Berhe, the Minister of Agriculture, spoke about ongoing initiatives aimed at boosting agricultural production through exemplary farmers, small and integrated family agricultural programs, and small to medium-sized agro-businesses, noting the encouraging results of these efforts.

Minister Arefaine emphasized the importance of integrated water and soil conservation, the development of household poultry farms, cultivation of sweet potatoes, beekeeping, and the expansion of improved crop seed use, along with organic fertilizers, as essential for ensuring the availability of nutritious food for everyone. He also called on ministry members, agricultural experts, administrators, and the public to regularly hold assessment meetings to review their activities.

Mr. Habteab Tesfatsion, Governor of the Southern Region, emphasized the need for sustainable assessments of agricultural activities and the contributions of agricultural experts, and he encouraged the continuation of effective water and soil conservation efforts. Mr. Habteab also urged all concerned institutions to enhance their participation in the implementation of the livestock vaccination program.

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