Ethiopia launches largest crop insurance compensation program

Ethiopia’s agricultural sector is witnessing a historic milestone with the launch of the country’s largest crop insurance compensation program. Pula, an agricultural insurance and technology company, will be distributing 39 million Birr in crop insurance compensations to 122,000 farmers via Oromia Insurance.

This significant initiative is a collaborative effort involving the Agricultural Transformation Institute (ATI), the World Food Program (WFP), and Pula Advisors. It marks a new era in Ethiopian agriculture, aiming to secure a prosperous future for smallholder farmers across the nation.

The program’s inauguration celebrated this achievement under the theme, “Celebrating Success and Securing the Future for Smallholder Farmers.” Pula Advisors, known for their extensive work in agricultural insurance across Africa and Asia, designed and implemented this comprehensive program after thorough research and numerous international field trips.

One of the key advancements of this crop insurance program is its integration with the Input Voucher System (IVS). This integration has not only broadened access but has also significantly reduced the insurance premiums for farmers. Unlike previous insurance offerings that provided coverage separately, often limiting access and increasing costs, this program offers expansive coverage against a variety of risks including pests and diseases.

The launch of this program represents a significant leap forward in managing agricultural risks and reinforces Ethiopia’s commitment to enhancing the sustainability and profitability of its agricultural sector.

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