Extensive Application Options of Canon Colorado M-series with Unique UVgel Technology Create Significant Demand for the Roll-to-Roll Printer

Building on the core, proven capabilities of previous Colorado models, the key features of the Canon Colorado M-series – its modularity, white ink capability, in-field upgradability and scalable speed configuration – have enabled customers who have installed the printer to substantially expand the range of applications they can offer. With over 700 installations globally since the device launched 12 months ago, Print Service Providers (PSPs) are recognising the value the Colorado M-series with UVgel technology can bring to their business.

Significantly more application options

The Colorado M-series includes a new hassle-free, white ink option, which helps to expand the range of applications users can offer. Using UVgel technology, a unique ‘print-then-cure’ technology with instant-dry gel inks cured with UV LED lights, the M-series delivers prints that eliminate smudging or sticking concerns with sharp details and scratch resistance. The UVgel inks now offer an even wider colour gamut than before and can print bright colours for an array of premium graphics and décor options, from wallpaper to window graphics as well as labels and more specialist applications like car wrapping. With the new white ink addition and the new media detection sensor technology for easy media handling, Colorado M-series users can expand their typical product offering and print on heavy, structured, transparent, coloured, reflective and magnetic materials.

With FLXfinish+ technology, users can print with gloss and matte, separately or at the same time, and without the need for varnish or an extra print channel, making the M-series ideal for printing luxury applications with special effects such as high-end wallpapers.

Customer success

FaberExposize, a printing company based in Amsterdam, was one of the first beta customers for the Colorado M-series to experience the new capabilities the printer brings to produce complex jobs, meaning they no longer have to outsource any printing needs. Richard Meijer, Production Manager at FaberExposize says, “The Colorado M-series has exceeded our expectations in terms of meeting our customers’ demands for 3- and 5-layer printing, printing in white and on magnetic media. The scratch resistance and ink adhesion are top-notch, and we’ve experienced zero nozzle clogging. This printer with UVgel technology truly delivers on its promises.”

One feature of the Colorado M-series that has particularly impressed FaberExposize is its ability to print on magnetic media, which is often used in retail for interchangeable price tags. The fact the printer can handle 0.3mm and 0.5mm magnetic media is, in Meijer’s opinion, “a rare feature” that gives them a competitive advantage.

Norwegian sign and printing company, Sign Production, have also found the Colorado M-series to be the perfect solution for the large volumes of small jobs they now receive. They require a printer that doesn’t compromise on quality, makes it simple for operators to change rolls, is easy to operate and capable of printing at high speed, so they can process a lot of orders throughout the day.

Thomas Fjeldberg CEO at Sign Production says, “One of the key aspects of the Colorado M-series that really sets it apart from the competition is the durability of the UVgel inks – it’s very hard to damage the ink, so you don’t need to use a laminate. For high-value applications like car wrapping, the quality of the print is really important, so it’s great to see how well the Colorado performs. I would say the quality is one of the best aspects of the Colorado M-series as it’s able to meet the expectations of end users who are going to spend a lot of money on these applications.”

Hassle-free white ink offers more possibilities

Zenith Graphics, a company based in Belgium, produces decals for use on buildings, machinery and vehicles. The benefits of the new white ink have become clear as customers can now have white ink applications printed on the Colorado M-series with the same exceptional Colorado results that they expect. With the white ink, they can now also fulfil requests to print on black film and offer a greater image variety as the white ink expands the colour gamut.

Kurt Persoons co-owner at Zenith Graphics comments, “Customers expect very high quality from us, both in terms of the image and the durability of the product we deliver. The Colorado guarantees us a beautiful product with a high quality that will last a very long time. I honestly think that our operators are Canon’s best ambassadors. When we ask them which printer they like to work with, they invariably mention the Colorado.”

Jennifer Kolloczek, Senior Director, Marketing&Innovation, Production Print, Canon EMEA, comments, “Since its launch a year ago, the Colorado M-series has taken the wide-format printer market by storm, with its exceptional quality, reliability and modularity allowing it to scale with customer’s businesses. The  hassle-free UVgel white ink option offers brighter colours on an array of substrates and has vastly opened up the application range addressable by Colorado users – from premium graphics to décor such as wallpaper and window graphics – with the same Colorado quality and finish that our customers expect.”

The Colorado M-series is a scalable wide-format printer with in-field upgradability

Part of the already successful Canon Colorado family, the new Colorado M-series has significant features that provide customers with more choice and allow them to scale the printer as needed with a number of hardware and software options. The M-series offers a choice of output speeds, Colorado M3 or M5 (with maximum print speeds of 111m²/hr and 159m²/hr respectively), with the option to upgrade from one speed to the other either temporarily for production peaks or permanently. Both printers can also be easily upgraded with the white ink option to M3W and M5W models, with FLXfinish+ matte/gloss print technology, double-sided and print-side-in printing as well as a kit for magnetic media.

For more information on the Colorado M-series, visit: https://apo-opa.co/3V3U0bh

For more information on Canon’s UVgel technology, visit: https://apo-opa.co/44HeDhN

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