GITEX Africa tech show concludes successful debut in Marrakech

The second edition of the GITEX Africa tech show has concluded in Marrakech, drawing over 1,500 exhibitors, companies, entrepreneurs, innovators and startups from more than 130 countries around the world.

The exhibition showcased the latest advancements in various technological fields, from AI and robotics to healthcare innovations, and highlighted the growing tech ecosystem in Africa.

One of the standout exhibitors was Morocco’s ABA Technology, which presented a cutting-edge spraying drone. The aircraft, designed to help farmers in a country grappling with a sixth year of drought, offers precise management of water and chemicals.

“Faced with climatic challenges such as drought and thanks to technological advances, our spraying drone offers an efficient and optimal solution allowing precise management of water and chemicals,” said engineer Jihane Metrani. “Thanks to GITEX, we have had a lot of visitors who really want to know more information about this drone.”

Other international companies, such as the Egyptian robotics firm MARSES, also made a strong impression with their interactive solutions. MARSES showcased a robot that can play ball games, aiming to “break the barriers between people and technology and robotics.”

European exhibitors, including the Belgian company I3 Technologies, used the platform to gain a foothold in the African market, a customer base they had previously found difficult to access.

“It makes it easier for us to have contact, and everything, so we have direct contact without having to travel throughout Africa which is a travel problem and today travel is expensive,” explained Patrick Rius, representing I3 Technologies.

The exhibition also highlighted the growing number of homegrown African businesses and startups, proving that a new generation is determined to put the continent on the map for tech development.

“The African market is evolving, the proof is that young people have become aware of this, it’s why we young people are taking the trouble to ensure that the solutions we develop can really be solutions that Africans will use, because we have noticed that Africans are consumers instead of being developers or bearers of ideas,” said Massouta Fahol from Almaxyra & Company.

Overall, the successful conclusion of the GITEX Africa tech show underscores the continent’s rising prominence in the global technology landscape and the promising future of African innovation.

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