Ethiopians may face €180 Schengen Visa fees amid readmission tensions

In a report by Shengennews, the European Commission has adopted a decision that could significantly impact Ethiopians seeking Schengen visas. The decision includes higher visa fees of either €135 or €180 for nationals from countries that have not cooperated on the readmission of their nationals irregularly staying in the EU.

According to the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovenia, this decision comes as the European Commission has also increased short-stay Schengen visa (visa type C) fees worldwide by 12 percent, effective June 11, 2024. The new fees will be €90 for adults and €45 for children aged 6 to below 12 years of age.

In 2023, 24,665 Ethiopians applied for Schengen visas, with 15,847 being approved, resulting in an approval rate of approximately 64.25%. Under the previous fee structure, Ethiopians spent €1,973,200 on these applications. However, with the new fee structure and the potential for higher fees due to readmission issues, the total expenditure is expected to rise to €2,219,850, marking an increase of €246,650.

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