Hawassa’s striker Ali is leading the top scorers’ chart

Though breaking the seven-year-old 27-goal record appears no longer possible, the premier league top scorers’ race is gaining momentum with five players: Ali Suleiman, Menyelu Wondemu, Chernet Gugsa, Amanuel Erbo, and Yosef Tarekegne, who are the front runners.

Formerly with Adama, the Eritrean striker’s second season at Hawasa has been highly fruitful for both the club and the player. If it were not for Suleiman’s individual effort, Hawassa would have been in the danger zone considering the weak defense that has conceded 43 goals so far this season.

Ali has netted 16 goals, including a hat trick over Diredawa. Suleiman’s 16 goals have not only given him the leading position in the top scorers’ list but have also helped Hawassa to sit 10th in the roster, collecting 36 points from 27 matches.

Suleiman is also being closely watched by a number of clubs from Tanzania and Egypt. According to the latest news headlines, even one club from Scandinavian nations is close to winning the striker’s signature.

Menyelu Wondemu is turning water into wine for the premier league title contenders Mechal, banging in 13 goals, including a hat trick over Wolkite Ketema. Being in the right place at the right time is what makes Menyelu the most valuable player in the team, helping Gebrekristos Birra’s side secure three points even during times of bad performance. Three points behind the league leaders and three goals shy of the league’s leading scorer, Menyelu has dual purposes to battle for: the premier league title for Mechal and the top scorer’s crown for himself.

Chernet Gugsa of Bajerdar, Amanuel Erbo of Kidus Giorgis, and Yosef Tarekegn of Adama are the other target men in contention for the top scorers’ award. Each has banged in 11 goals, putting them all in the race, although it is uncommon in the league for teams to win by more than a one-goal difference.

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